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Индикаторы /Датчики /Световые завесы

Чрезвычайно разнообразный ассортимент индикаторов и датчиков Turck гарантирует наличие подходящего устройства.

Operator/maintenance interface (HMI)

With the HMI/PLC VT 250 you get a industrial HMI that offers complete Pick-to-Light functionality.The rugged controller can be can be easily programmed by CODESYS and mounted in the field without the need for a control cabinet.

Control and interface (Fieldbus System BL67)

The gateway of  TURCK's  fieldbus system BL67 can be programmed with CODESYS. The programmable controllers offer complete Pick-to-Light functionality. As they feature IP67 they can be mounted without the need for a control cabinet.

Connection technology

Turck offers a wide range of components to implement connection to higher level control systems (ERP etc.) and plant I/O. Industrial wireless components are also available to reduce cabling costs.

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